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Meet Miss Trittany!

Trittany has been with our Club for nearly a year now! She is studying at UAFS to become an educator in her future and hopes to teach history and also to help children in China learn English.

Trittany loves the color pink and enjoys sushi, spring rolls and pho (Vietnamese soup). She has one brother and one sister and she says "they're both amazing!" She is also a fur (scale) mom to Gordon the dog, Spooky the cat, and Simon the snake, but her favorite animal is a seahorse.

We asked Trittany to tell us a bit about her so we could all get to know her a little better!

"I love watching our members at Boys & Girls Club take the skills they have learned here and apply them to their future," she said. Trittany helps to run Torch Club which is a community leadership group within the Boys & Girls Club.

"Watching those involved in Torch Club become mentors to our younger members who will then become mentors themselves" is something she says she gets really excited about in her programs. She hopes to bring "positivity and guidance to the Club" but she says she also wants to "make the members feel safe and wanted".

Trittany grew up in the Tulsa area but at age 15 moved to the Keota area. She says her childhood wasn't easy and she wishes she could have had some place like the Boys & Girls Club as a child.

When asked what one thing she wanted people to know about her, Trittany said, "I am the perfect example of why you shouldn't let doubt overcome you." Since beginning her work at the Club, Trittany says she has learned "too much to list but the most important lesson has been the surreal feeling after realizing just how much our youth need us." She says she wants to teach our members "to love everything that is different about themselves, to understand how valuable their uniqueness makes them, and to embrace it."

Trittany really loves working with young people because "they make [her] laugh. They mostly want to learn about anything new. I love their imagination and creativity. The biggest joy comes from watching them grow as individuals." Trittany wants this community to know "we would love for you to be involved! You might not know it, but you have so much to offer our youth! All it takes is reaching out!"

"I adore our members and Club with all my heart and treasure every second spent with them."

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